- Fleeces

- Fundraising

- Jackets

- Misc

- Shorts

- Sweatshirts

- T-Shirts

All proceeds go toward
Ross Park Elementary

Every shirt is made custom to
order. Please allow up to 7
business days for shipping.

Orders placed by Monday
will be delivered to the
school or ready for pick up at
Trophy House by the Friday
of that week. Orders placed
after 3:00pm Monday will be
ready or delivered the
following Friday

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Men's Full Zip Microfleece
Product Code: MSRP-F223
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Ladies' Full Zip Microfleece
Product Code: MSRP-L223
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Men's 1/2 Zip Microfleece
Product Code: MSRP-F224

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Ladies' 1/2 Zip Microfleece
Product Code: MSRP-L224
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Ladies' Microfleece Vest
Product Code: MSRP-L226
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